About Dr. Paresh Patel

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About Dr Paresh Patel

A lifelong entrepreneur, Dr. Paresh Patel’s passion for applying breakthrough technologies to established business models has fueled his success in multiple ventures. He first gained this reputation as founder and CEO of Courtesy Vending, building it from a garage startup into a large, nationally recognized vending company. As an early adopter of a new generation of handheld computers and electronic locks, he designed the software to gain a competitive advantage which powered growth and captured market share.

Along the way, he had grown frustrated by ‘dumb vending machines,’ inspiring him to invent VendScreen, an Android-based touchscreen device for vending machines, that ushered an old-world industry into the digital age.

As an innovation and industry leader, Dr. Patel next saw both a great need and opportunity to improving the user experience while solving the payment barrier for machines. To this end, he founded PayRange, the world’s simplest payment system for machines.

He realized, at some point, virtually everyone has been in front of a machine — whether it was a vending machine, a parking meter, or gas station air or vacuum machine — only to be without the adequate cash and change to activate the machine. It’s frustrating! This is a real problem that worsens every day as more and more consumers go cashless.

While card solutions for machines have been around for decades, the lack of traction in the machine space is indicative of the impracticality. Card payment on machines is cost-prohibitive for the operators due to the expensive hardware, recurring monthly costs, and the high transaction processing fees for low dollar tickets.

The thinking that inspired PayRange was simply, “Why connect the machines when the user is already connected with their smart phone? The user has the needed hardware and the connection in their pocket.”

Dr. Patel’s unparalleled area of expertise as a visionary lies in combining payments, mobile, and machines while making the experience simple and cost effective.  It’s a tall order, and it has never been done like this before.  To learn more about this breakthrough go to http://PayRange.com.